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            About Us


                NITC Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Ningbo good network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded organization, the United Nations a more powerful network of co-operation, for domestic small and medium enterprises and individuals to provide various types of online marketing services platform. NITC's service concept, "everything for the benefit" is to unite all Internet marketing expert, using extensive network marketing experience in the network to obtain real business benefits for the service not.

                NITC Web site and efficiency of modern network marketing idea at the core, a good search engine performance, good user experience as the standard office applications as auxiliary enterprises, enterprises can bring corporate web site marketing effectiveness. Front page all use DIV + CSS architecture, built-in SEO search engine optimization mechanism, multi-language system.

                Our direction is clear, we continue to move forward, we help customer success, we work hard to break through a highly technical one, we strive to become a China's top Internet Marketing Research Center.

                NITC History:
                June 2010, and efficiency Web site formally launched the final version of V3.0;
                March 2010, and efficiency Web site V3.0 Beta Version formally launched;
                November 2009, and efficiency V2.0 beta site formally launched;
                August 2009, and efficiency V1.0 beta site formally launched;
                March 2009, NITC and efficiency technical team set up;
                January 2009, several Internet companies to join Ningbo NITC, the formation of network alliances;
                June 2008, NITC Trade Promotion Research Center;
                March 2008, NITC and the Medical Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly to build network marketing portal Ningbo research platform;
                February 2008, NITC and the establishment of Ningbo Furniture Association Furniture Marketing Center;
                January 2008, NITC was formally established;
                October 2007, search engine optimization technology center established;

            Basic Information

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